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Digital Post Processing – Bangalore

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Digital Post Processing

Bangalore | July 1st | Rs. 3750

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Post processing is a natural progression in every photographer’s workflow. It is as important as clicking a picture and with the help of modern digital post processing software – dark rooms, time taking processes and tedious steps are history. You can now tweak your photos with the click of a button, be it tweaking the exposure, adjusting the contrast or adding a filter, cropping for composition or highlighting a hue – it’s all possible with the Adobe Lightroom and these are just few of the many things that you will learn at our one-day session on digital post processing.

Course Contents

This course is for photo enthusiasts who have a fair understanding of the basics of photography (hyperlink BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY session). The course is mentored by a pro-editor and will focus largely on how you can use software technology to bring the best out of the photograph that you’ve clicked. So here’s what is store for you, though this looks like an index page from a school text book, we really wanted to enumerate all that there is – and trust us, this is actually all that you will need to be a pro at post processing your images to look like those stunningly capitulating full page images from photo magazines.


Introduction to Post Processing
What is digital processing?
Why we need to process an image?
How camera captures an image?
File formats
Color spaces
Raw vs JPeg
Processing tool ? Adobe Lightroom.
Introduction to Lightroom
Setting up your Lightroom.
Customising your Lightroom.
Workflow & catalogue
Different panels of Lightroom explained.
How to import your images to Lightroom
Developing photos. -Hands on learning techniques
White balance correction
Exposure correction
Clipping of whites and blacks
Contrast correction
Saturation, Sharpness and noise pointers.
Selective processing
Brush tool
Selective color enhancement
Image conversion to B&W
Split toning.
Advanced Customisation
Publishing photos
Exporting images
Adding watermark to images
Keywords, tags and cataloguing images.
Creating borders on the image.

What you learn

You will learn the right way to process your images, to give them that extra pop, the much needed depth to make your end result captivating. This session isn’t just about the digital post processing, it is also about how you can set your camera and tweak your settings to create images with optimal data, size, and the right file format. This in-turn will aid in post processing, delivering pictures of varied styles – all building upon the same basic picture that you’ve clicked. All this is possible, thanks to a brilliant software called Adobe Lightroom and we’ll sit with you and take you through a live preview – so that you get a hang of the end to end process and go back and produce eye catching pictures

Terms and conditions

100% at the time of booking.

50% refund if cancelled 30 days in advance.
10% refund if cancelled between 29 days – 10 days in advance.
No refund if cancelled within 10 days.

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