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Basic Photography Workshop – Bangalore

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Basics of Photography

Bangalore | Feb 25-26 | Rs. 6750


Basic Photography workshop


Santhosh Krishnamoorthy

Tour Expert

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“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” – Ansel Adams

Does photography make you feel good? Is it an art you want to explore? If so, here’s an in-depth course on the basics of photography, taught by some of the most respected photographers in the state. This course is different because it isn’t about the art of photography, nor is it about the aesthetics or the creativity behind the process. This is all about the basics of how you can you’re your camera a tool to capture objects, sceneries and moments through the lens. It is all about the technology, of how a camera works and how to make the best use of what’s available. This is like the foundation on which you can build your skill as a photographer and explore your creative side.

Well, tech isn’t just about what you click but a lot of effort goes into the post-processing. The place called a dark-room where the pros not so long ago struggled to give their pictures a certain kind of a tinge, a unique finish and more. But thanks to advancements in camera technologies and the evolution of digital media – you can do all that with a lick of a button. You can accentuates the shadows, give depth to your pictures and increase the richness of colours of what you’ve clicked with the help of photo-processing and editing software. We believe the basics of handling your camera go hand in hand with your understand of the fundamentals of digital photo processing, and hence, this two-day course is designed to throw light on those aspects too so that you will at least have a 360 view of how to click, when to click, what to click along with how to process and present your output in the best possible permutation. That is what we wish to achieve and what we hope you will take back at the end of this fundamental course of photography.

Course Contents

First off, our course is flexible at a personal level and our guides will tweak the content to suit your needs but on the whole, here are a few fundamentals that we wish to cover across the board.

Camera Equipment
A complete know-how session on the different kinds of camera, the lens that you would need to use and an in-depth run through on the technicalities and the tools that you’re digital SLR camera possesses and how you can exploit the same to your convenience.

Light can make or break a photograph. So this we believe is the most crucial part of your learning process. We will teach you how to play with available amount of light to get the best possible results.

Composition is what sets a pro apart from the rest. Learn how to compose your photography and how why placing an object at a certain distance or deciding on the correct angel makes all the difference.

Digital Post Processing
Post processing is the finishing touch. You will be taught how to use a brilliant piece of software called as the Adobe Lightroom 5. This will help give your final photograph an edge over the rest and lets you create a persuasive image.

Feedback is what gives you a better vantage. See you photo through the eyes of your mentors and other attendees as we all sit through and discuss about everyone’s photographs. This will give you a completely different and compelling perspective about your own art and skill of photography.

Hands-on Learning
Field trip is the real deal. Now that you know how to click and handle your pictures and also have an understanding of what you can process on the software later – it’s time to test it out in the real world. We believe this be a great way to test waters, with mentors and other attendees by your side, this is as much a learning exercise as it is a fun activity.

This is when you can ask all the questions lingering at the back of your heading after you’ve consumed all the info you’ve been exposed to in this program. It’s an open AMA session where you can sit, discuss and share your perspective with everyone who has done this session with you.

What you learn

To be honest, it’s easy to quote the numbers and say you’d be exposed to hours to technical sessions, be given an in-depth strip down on the workings of a camera, the science behind exposure and composition of photographs and a first-hand walk through of Adobe Lightroom on the first day of the program. The second day as you know would be a city tour where you’ll click in real-time and put your skills to good use. But that isn’t ideally what we just want you to take back.

For us at Birdwing, it is as much about the experience, the new perspective that you’ll be given, a chance to explore and the idea of knowing how powerful a tool your camera is – that’s what is important. We hope, wish and want you to take back knowledge about how a camera works, how the lighting helps and most importantly, have a perspective that is different from your own, an angle that isn’t something you wouldn’t have set. We don’t want you to change your style, or to be different, but we want you to know that there’s a different way to do it – you don’t need to do it, but knowledge is a great enabler and we feel this basic program will help you to effusively exploit the strengths of your camera and lay the foundation for you to fully explore the art of photography.


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Mentor: Kesavamurthy

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