Sundarbans Photography tour

The Mangrove Trove

 Sundarbans is an experience of beauty and mystery. The bountiful mangroves create the magical visuals of abundance to your eyes. The silent water in the creeks calms you down. As you penetrate your eyesight deep into the woods, the enigmatic vibes of the mangroves engulf you.

Sundarbans is an epitome of true wilderness. The Royal Bengal Tiger resides here. It is his existence that truly gushes your excitement. He may not be visible to you, though he makes his presence felt. There is also the unique eco-system that offers you the treat of diverse flora and fauna.

It is here that your exploration knows no bounds.

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Tour Highlights

  • A 4 nights and 5 days tour covering the magical Sundarban Tiger Reserve.
  • Individual attention as it is a small group.
  • Image review sessions after every safari.
  • Excellent opportunities for wildlife photography.
  • 4 full day safaris in the tiger reserve. A canopy walk to experience the mangroves first hand.
  • A top notch photo-processing session.
  • Top class photo mentor with wealth of natural history knowledge to guide you.
  • Amazing crew and guide for tracking and to maximize sighting and photography opportunities.

What to expect from the tour

Sundarbans is a captivating dream for every nature photographer. Every moment in the mangroves give worthwhile photographic opportunities. Each scene unveils a story of nature to enable you to capture the essence of it in your cameras. 

The Photo Tour

Your photo tour begins embarking on a launch in Godkhali. Cruising through the waterways, you will observe the mangrove forests. Your tour is planned in such a way to give you ample time out in the field during the low tides. It is when you will have the higher chances of witnessing activities in the wild.

The photo tour starts at the break of the dawn and ends by sunset. You will spend the entire day in the launch. With a fantastic crew and sumptuous food on board, this is an experience unlike any other. The launch is a large boat with upper and lower decks. Being on the boat safari, you will learn to click the subjects away from you.

Every day after the safari, you will head to a resort to unwind and rest in the night. You will also have discussions on nature photography and image post processing techniques. Birdwing’s skipper, an expert naturalist and photographer accompanies and assists you through the tour.

How is it?

Sundarbans Tiger Reserve is the largest track of mangrove forests in the world. It is adorned with rows of elegant Sundari trees on the Gangetic delta merging with Bay of Bengal. The river forms channels of water alongside the mangroves creating the most distinctive eco-system.

The dense forests are enriched with marvellous wildlife. The activities of the jungles are dictated by the tidal changes that occurs through the day. There are high tide and low tide periods alternating between every 6 hours.  

During the high tide, all the mammals, reptiles and birds mostly shelter inside the woods. Soon after the tide recedes, the swampy mudflats attract the animal kingdom to slowly sneak out of the mysterious mangroves.  

This is a delightful time for the nature lovers to observe the life of Sundarbans. The mammals stroll on the marshy areas, the birds fly away from the tree tops and the reptiles slither on the wet grounds. They all come out in search of their meals and soak in the sunlight.

If the luck is in favour, the Royal Bengal Tiger may be visible too. Due to the varying tidal patterns, the mangrove trees have evolved breathing root system. The roots are visible stretching above the ground to receive oxygen from the air.

Sundarbans offer intricacies of nature before the human eyes like nowhere in the world.

The Sightings

The variety of Kingfisher species are the favourite photographic subjects in the Sundarbans. There are also the many other birds like the Green-bellied Malkoha, Red Jungle Fowls and Jungle Babblers. These birds can be found displaying various behaviours. You can find them chirping on the trees or feeding on the fish or sometimes hunting for a prey in the mud land.

A few raptors can be found flying in the sky eyeing on their food on the ground. Osprey, White-bellied Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle and Changeable hawk eagle offer amazing sightings to be captured in the cameras. Many reptiles can be seen on the mudflats. As the tide recedes, huge Salt water crocodiles and Monitor Lizards can be witnessed basking out in the open.

Although you will be eager to sight a Royal Bengal Tiger, it is extremely rare to spot the majestic animal, more so in this dense Mangrove habitat. However, sighting one, is always a possibility. You may at times, see mammals like Spotted deer, Wild Boar, Indian Jackal and the Jungle cat visiting the swamp for a quick look out. Other tougher to get cats like the Leopard cat and Fishing cat are also denizens of the place and a possibility too.

Experience with Birdwing

You will have the most unique travel experience with Birdwing. You will have the chance to meet and interact with a group of like-minded individuals. You will have the best time clicking photographs in the wild. You will enhance your knowledge on natural history and upgrade your photographic skills.

You will spend time basking in the glory of nature and appreciating its beauty with the people sharing common interests. At the end of the tour, you will carry ever-lasting memories of the Sundarbans in your mind and in your cameras.

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Tour Itinerary

  • Arrive at Kolkata airport in the morning around 9:00-9:30AM
  • Around 3 hrs road trip to our port of entry into Sundarbans, Godkhali. As we reach there, our boat will be ready. We move all our luggage onto it and embark on our journey into the magical land.
  • A quick briefing session along the way and we head towards our first safari inside the Tiger Reserve. As we keep the discussion going, a sumptuous lunch is set on the boat.
  • Safari continues till sunset.
  • Post sunset, we head to an island resort. That will be our place of stay for the nights.
  • Overnight Stay at our resort.
  • Wake up early by around 5:30AM. Get refreshed and head to our boat. Hot tea with biscuits will be served. As we enjoy the cool breeze with the hot tea, we discuss on whats in store for the day.
  • Whole day safari into the tiger reserve.
  • Visit to the watch towers around. Also, a lovely Canopy walk to experience the mangrove forest from within.
  • Constant discussions on Natural history, photography and many varied topics.
  • End of the day at sunset. We head back to our resort.
  • Discussion about the day’s experiences and Image review session
  • Dinner and retire
  • Wake up early as every day. We checkout and load all our luggage onto our boat as we get on.Going to be an early day. Head towards Gibbon sanctuary by 4:30AM with packed breakfast.
  • Head on to the safari into the tiger reserve.
  • Lunch by around 1:00PM.
  • Post lunch we start heading towards our entry point, Godkhali. We reach there by around 2:30PM.
  • We de-board along with our luggage and head back to Kolkata airport to catch our flights back home.

Cost and Terms

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INR 39,500

Payment options will be shared upon enquiry.


INR 37,500

Payment options will be shared upon enquiry.

terms and conditions

Payment Terms

  • INR 15,000/- advance required for provisional reservation
  • Needed towards securing of forest permit with valid ID proof.
  • The tour cost is Ex-Kolkata.
  • Remainder (100% ) within 30 days from the first payment

What's not Included?

  • Air travel from your home to Kolkata.
  • Tips and Gratitudes to driver, guide and boat crew.
  • Any beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic), laundry and other personal expenses.

cancellation Policy

  • 60% refund if cancelled before 2 months from the date of travel
  • 20% refund if cancelled after 2 months and before 1 month from the date of travel
  • No refund if cancelled within 1 month of the date of travel

What's Included?

  • 4 nights and 5 days accommodation .
  • All safari permits, camera charges and taxes.
  • All meals ( Lunch from Day 1 to Lunch on Day 5.)
  • All local transport. Kolkata airport pick up/drop.

Note: The date of written communication ( email ) stating the intent to cancel will be considered as the date for applying the cancellation policy.


Yes, surely. Our tours though related to photography, we strive to enhance the experience of the travel rather than just focusing on the image making part of it.

Yes, you can get your spouse along even if he/she is not into photography. For kids, there will be minimum age restrictions. Please do check with us before registering.

If you are joining in on one of our photo tours, we can arrange the specific equipment that you might be looking for, on rent.

We will surely suggest you on the best possible flight options for the tour. If required, we will book the tickets for you as well.

Pick up and drop from Kolkata airport is provided by us. In case you need it from a different place, please do talk to us. We will work with you on that. Just be informed that there might be some additional cost involved.

We would love to have you on the tour. Being a beginner, you get all the attention from our experienced mentors. On the field as well as off the field. You just need to have the curiosity to learn.

We would want to give the best quality and value for money for every tour. You will have sufficient space for comfortable ride and photography throughout.

How we wish! We have our expert guides, drivers and experienced tour expert on the job. They will put their entire effort to deliver a memorable experience for you. At the end of the day, it is wildlife and it depends on luck factor.

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