Kaziranga & Gibbon Sanctuary

Kaziranga Photography Tour – One-horned dream

A thumping body and a thudding feet, the giant creature with a protruding horn is sprinting against the backdrop of Brahmaputra River. A wobbly belly bigger than a barrel approaching faster than ever. The enormity is outstanding and the rarity is mind-blowing. This is the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros,  with a love for tall green grasses.

Kaziranga National Park is synonymous with the Greater One Horned Rhinos. The only place in the world to host majority of the giants. The Reserve has protected the precious species from extinction and also boasts itself with the title – World Heritage Site for being ecologically bio-diverse space for wildlife.  

The exploration of the forests of Kaziranga is exhilarating. Going there and watching the One Horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Elephants, and a motley of vibrant birds is a visual treat for any nature and photography lover.

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Tour Highlights

  • A 4 nights and 5 days tour covering Kaziranga & Gibbon Sanctuary.
  • Individual attention as it is a small group.
  • Image review sessions after every safari.
  • Excellent opportunities for wildlife photography.
  • 7 safaris in Kaziranga and 1 safari in the Gibbon sanctuary
  • A top notch photo-processing session.
  • Top class photo mentor with wealth of natural history knowledge to guide you.
  • You will get the best driver and guide to maximise sighting and photography opportunities.

What to expect from the tour

At Kaziranga, the break of the dawn begins with a nice hot cup of tea. Post that you get inside the forests on an open jeep. There are great chances of spotting Rhinos, Elephants and Wild Water Buffaloes, and Swamp Deer in the marshy areas. While you are busy spotting the giant herbivorous animals, you might receive a distant signal from a Langur of the presence of a Tiger. After all, Kaziranga has probably the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Kaziranga is the wintering destination for a multitude of migratory birds. Observing them and photographing them is a beautiful experience in itself.  Bar-headed geese, Northern lapwing, Grey-headed lapwing, Ruddy Shelduck, Emerald dove, White-rumped shama, Blue-bearded bee-eater, Jungle owlet, Asian-barred owlet, Brown-fish owl and many others.

Once the Rhinos and its friends are captured inside Kaziranga, you will visit Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary to greet the only Indian Ape Hoolock Gibbon. You will walk through the sanctuary to find the Gibbon and take photographs of its man-like behaviours and actions.

Travelling with Birdwing, you will be accompanied by a nature and photography expert to guide you through the photo tour. You will have an enriching experience of capturing the photographs of the distinct wildlife of Kaziranga along with the group of like-minded people. You will have nature and photography sessions to deepen your understanding of the subjects.

At the end of the photo travel, you will have the priceless experience of being in one of the most beautiful forests in the country. You will return with many happy memories of the wildlife of Kaziranga in the form of impeccable photographs.

How is it?

Kaziranga National Park resides within the exotic Sub-Himalayan region between Golaghat District and Nagaon District of Assam. The altering landscapes encompassing deciduous forests, semi-evergreen forests, tall green grasses and swamps make extraordinary background settings for iconic wildlife images.

The River Brahmaputra flows on the North Eastern side of the National Park with River Mora Diphlu surrounding the Southern boundary. The Gangetic Dolphins jump from the waters to grasp a breath of fresh air and seep the beauty of wildlife in their eyes. The fresh water dolphins are an endearing delight to the photo travel adventure.

While on the safari, the most awaited one horned Rhinos may appear in the middle of a swamp enjoying the cool waters against their thick skin. The wild water buffaloes might be accompanying the Rhinos somewhere in the swamp.  A Royal Bengal Tiger may cross the safari track to thrill your senses in a second. The chirping birds with their colourful wings may hint you to click them.

Kaziranga is full of surprising moments. Hog deer, Swamp Deer, Wild Boars, Smooth-coated Otters, Fishing cat and many little creatures appear out of the blue to cheer up the searching eyes. A solitary tusker or a herd of Elephants can be spotted feasting on the grasses. If you are lucky, you can witness the majestic big cat, the tiger, walking on the grassland.

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  • Arrive at Jorhat airport.
  • 2 hrs road trip to Kaziranga. A quick lunch en-route and we land up in the East Zone entry point of Kaziranga. No time to waste. Your luggage will be safely taken to your rooms awaiting your arrival post safari.
  • A quick briefing session along the way and we head towards our first safari inside the Tiger Reserve
  • Return for tea
  • Image review session
  • Overnight Stay at our resort.
  • Wake up to hot tea and breakfast in the morning by around 6:30 AM
  • Head towards our morning safari
  • Return back to the resort
  • Image review session
  • Lunch and rest
  • By around 2:45 PM, we head for our afternoon safari
  • Return for tea and snacks
  • Discussion about the day’s experiences and Image review session
  • Going to be an early day. Head towards Gibbon sanctuary by 4:30AM with packed breakfast.
  • Reach Gibbon by around 7:00AM. Have breakfast.
  • Morning safari in the beautiful forest of Hoolongapar Gibbon Sanctuary. This will be a walk around safari. An experience in itself.
  • We look around for the rare species of monkeys like the Stump-tailed macaques, Pig-tailed macaques and also the only Ape in India, the Gibbon. Good birding also possible here.
  • We finish by 9:30AM. Then, head back to Jorhat airpot to catch our flights back home.

Cost and Terms

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INR 41,500

Includes lunch, tea and applicable taxes. Payment options will be shared upon enquiry.


INR 38,500

Includes lunch, tea and applicable taxes. Payment options will be shared upon enquiry.

terms and conditions

Payment Terms

  • INR 15,000/- advance required for provisional reservation
  • Needed towards securing of forest permit with valid ID proof.
  • The tour cost is Ex-Jorhat.
  • Remainder (100% ) within 30 days from the first payment

What's not Included?

  • Air travel from your home to Jorhat.
  • Tips and Gratitudes to driver, guide and hotel staff.
  • Any beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic), laundry and other personal expenses.

cancellation Policy

  • 60% refund if cancelled before 2 months from the date of travel
  • 20% refund if cancelled after 2 months and before 1 month from the date of travel
  • No refund if cancelled within 1 month of the date of travel

What's Included?

  • 4 nights and 5 days accommodation .
  • All safari permits, camera charges and taxes.
  • All meals ( Lunch from Day 1 to breakfast on Day 5.)
  • All local transport. Jorhat airport pick up/drop and Gibbon sanctuary visit.

Note: The date of written communication ( email ) stating the intent to cancel will be considered as the date for applying the cancellation policy.


Yes, surely. Our tours though related to photography, we strive to enhance the experience of the travel rather than just focusing on the image making part of it.

Yes, you can get your spouse along even if he/she is not into photography. For kids, there will be minimum age restrictions. Please do check with us before registering.

If you are joining in on one of our photo tours, we can arrange the specific equipment that you might be looking for, on rent.

We will surely suggest you on the best possible flight options for the tour. If required, we will book the tickets for you as well.

Pick up and drop from Jorhat airport is provided by us. In case you need it from a different place, please do talk to us. We will work with you on that. Just be informed that there might be some additional cost involved.

We would love to have you on the tour. Being a beginner, you get all the attention from our experienced mentors. On the field as well as off the field. You just need to have the curiosity to learn.

We would want to give the best quality and value for money for every tour. You will have sufficient space for comfortable ride and photography throughout.

How we wish! We have our expert guides, drivers and experienced tour expert on the job. They will put their entire effort to deliver a memorable experience for you. At the end of the day, it is wildlife and it depends on luck factor.

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