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Mar 2020 | Rs. 44,500 (4N/5D)


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One of a kind of habitat in India. From the amazing grasslands to the marshy, swamplands to the thick forested patches, Kaziranga has it all. The one, last habitat of the Indian Rhinoceros, this place has a highly diverse wildlife. The land of the giants one could call it as. The habitat and its denizens make for some stunning imagery opportunities. Birding is amazing as well, with many migratory birds coming down each year. Very different experiences of a jeep as well as an elephant safari can be had here. We also visit the Hoolock Gibbon Sanctuary to get a look at the only ape in India, the Hoolock Gibbon.


A great opportunity to learn about and make wonderful images of the Indian Rhinos and the Gibbons among many others. You will understand the nuances of wildlife photography. How best to use the available light to create high impact images. How to position yourself properly and wait for the right moment rather than go trigger happy. A lot of interactions on the field and off it regarding compositions and post processing will help you to up your photography skills many notches.

Kaziranga National Park

Land Of Gentle Giants

Kaziranga National Park is one the most popular biodiversity hotspots in Asia situated near the foothills of the Eastern Himalayan range. The part encompasses vast parts of land in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam. Two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses call Kaziranga their home.


It has been declared as a World Heritage site, as more than 2500 rhinos and the largest population of tigers among protected areas in the world live here. Along with a wide variety of flora – elephants, wild water buffalos, swap deer and hundreds of species of Himalayan birds can be found in this natural park. Hoolock Gibbon, the only ape in India also calls a place known as the Hoolock Gibbon Sanctuary, near Kaziranga, its home. We make a visit to that place too.


Birdwing will take you through some of the most satisfying and enriching wildlife tours and photo expeditions at Kaziranga. You will be able to try your hand at landscape, wildlife and macro photography when on the expedition and learn the tricks of the trade during our hour long indoor sessions at the camp everyday.

Mar 4th – 8th 2020 ( 4N/5D)
  • Day 1 – Mar 4th (Wed)

    Take the early morning flight out and reach Guwahati. We then head to Kaziranga, which should take around 5 hrs. We reach our place of stay by lunch. A quick briefing post lunch and we are ready for our first safari into the forests of Kaziranga. Post safari, we come back for snacks and tea. We refresh ourselves. Before dinner, we have a short discussion on the day’s experience. We also talk about photography and improving on our imaging making skills.

    On the way, there are great chances of seeing the endangered greater and lesser adjutant storks. We expect to reach Kaziranga by around 6 – 7 PM. We then relax and settle down in our rooms. We then have dinner and retire for the day.

  • Day 2 – Mar 5th (Thu)

    We begin the day early, at around 6 AM. We have quick tea and biscuits. We are on our way for the jeep safari.

    We explore various zones of the park and have a great time enjoying and photographing the diverse flora and fauna of Kaziranga. After the safari, which should last for about 3 hours, we head back to the resort for lunch, and rest for a while. We take this time to have a quick review of the images made thus far and brainstorm on what is yet to come.

    After a quick siesta, we start our day’s second jeep safari, which should last till sundown. This should give us some great opportunities for photographing rhinos in beautiful golden light and in wonderful grassland setting. After the safari, we head back to the resort, have dinner and retire for the night. We could also spend some time on image reviews.

    May be, if time permits, we can go through a quick image processing session, using one of the images taken during the day.

  • Day 4 – Mar 6th (Fri)

    We have an early rise and head to the Hoollangapar, Gibbon wildlife sanctuary, to have our tryst with the one and only Ape in India, the Hoolock Gibbon. It is a walk in the forest kind of a safari and is bound to be an exciting one. By noon, we should be back to Kaziranga and just in time for our jeep safari there.

  • Day 4 – Mar 7th (Sat)

    Early in the morning, the same schedule as our first day. Morning safari, back for lunch and afternoon safari. After the safari, we head back to the resort, have dinner and retire for the night. We could also spend some time on image reviews.

  • Day 5 – Mar 8th (Sun)

    Last day of the tour. We go for a morning safari into the fine forests of Kaziranga, hoping to make the best of our final outing. After the safari, we get back to the resort, have our breakfast, checkout and head on our way to Guwahati to catch our return flights, back to our respective destinations.



Sunny mornings, cold nights


Telephoto and Wide-angle lenses


Sun Protection


Comfortable & dull coloured clothes


A pullover or sweater


Hat and glasses


Bring your own toiletries


Personal medication


Payment Terms

  • INR 15,000/- advance required for provisional reservation
    • Needed towards securing of forest permit with valid ID proof.
  • Remainder (100% ) within 30 days from the first payment

Cancellation Policy

  • 60% refund if cancelled before 2 months from the date of travel
  • 20% refund if cancelled after 2 months and before 1 month from the date of travel
  • No refund if cancelled within 1 month of the date of travel

Note: The date of written communication ( email ) stating the intent to cancel will be considered as the date for applying the cancellation policy.