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Gir Photography tour

Tour expert kesavamurthy

Kesavmurthy N

Tour Expert

The last home for the Asiatic Lions, Gir is the place to be to photograph these majestic cats in the wild. With high chances of sighting, Gir provides great opportunities for photographing lions and their behavior. Also, we provide an opportunity for you to interact with the local tribe to give you an idea of their life alongside the lions. A lot of learning and memories to take back.


A great opportunity to observe, learn about and photograph the majestic Asiatic lion in one of its last dominion. Bird life is very good too, this time of the year and one gets great opportunities for bird photography as well. You will understand the nuances of wildlife photography. How best to use the available light to create high impact images. How to posit yourself properly and wait for the right moment rather than go trigger happy. A lot of interactions on the field and off it regarding compositions and post processing will help you to up your photography skills many notches.


Lion’s last lair

Remember Lion King? Well, Gir is as close as that amazing childhood favourite gets to reality. The Sasan Gir National Park is home to the world’s only population of Asiatic lion (500+ in number). The park is a heady mix of scrub, dry deciduous, ever-green and acacia forests. A garnish of grasslands, wetlands and rocky outcrops and Gir makes for spell-binding scenery of a variety of fauna.


You wake up in the morning to hear the rumbling roars of the Asiatic lion males and will be treated with some super tender moments amongst the large prides of the forest, first hand. If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a few of the stealthy 300+ leopards of Gir too. And then again, the cats are not the only animals to grace this spellbindingly natural habitat of theirs. Other mammals such as the jackal, the large sambhars, chitals, and the nilgai make for great pictures against the stark backdrop of a forest, in true NatGeo style.


On the rocks and the grassland, you’ll be surprised to encounter the shy but spectacularly powerful short toed snake eagle in all its glory. And by the way, it’s not all about the raptors, Gir happens to be one of the best places in the country to photograph nightjars at close range. The Indian nightjar and the savanna nightjar should be right up there in your photography checklist and here you have it, these beautiful creatures posing for you. You will also find the thicknees and if we’re lucky, we’ll locate the roosts of the Indian eagle owl and the mottled wood owl.


Dec 10th – 13th 2016
  • Day 1 – Dec 10th ( Sat )

    Participants arrive at Ahmedabad or Rajkot on Dec 10th and we can arrange a cab on cost sharing basis for you to reach Sasan Gir. On your arrival and after checking into our resort, we’ll gather for an open discussion for an introduction and an orientation about Gir. This’ll help us pre visualise our shots and will help us set expectations for the tour. Travel from Ahmedabad/Rajkot to Gir is on cost sharing basis or we can help you for transport.


  • Day 2 – Dec 11th ( Sun )

    Although the safari will last more than three hours, winter light will make our photography sessions memorable. Our experienced guides will help us track the resident lion prides and in the process we’ll also try to find some of Gir’s diverse birdlife. After shooting to our hearts content, we’ll head back to the resort for a hearty breakfast.

    Just before lunch we’ll do a quick review of our images from the morning safari and share a few photography related tips. Post lunch, we‘ll head out for our evening safari to make some more great images.

  • Day 2&3 – Dec 12-13 (Mon&Tue)

    We’ll repeat the schedule for Day 2 and Day 3. This is birding season, and the Gir Birding Lodge earns its name for the number of birds it attracts just on its campus. We should be able to make some images even between safaris.

    Post our evening safari, we will quickly refresh ourselves and say goodbye until Birdwing brings us back together.



10° to 15°


Telephoto,Wide angle and Portrait


Comfortable & dull coloured clothes


Hat and glasses


A pullover or sweater


Bring your own toiletries


ID card that was given while booking the tour.


Personal medication


Payment Terms

  • INR 15,000/- advance required for provisional reservation
    • Needed towards securing of forest permit with valid ID proof.
  • Remainder (100% ) within 30 days from the first payment

Cancellation Policy

  • 60% refund if cancelled before 2 months from the date of travel
  • 20% refund if cancelled after 2 months and before 1 month from the date of travel
  • No refund if cancelled within 1 month of the date of travel

Note: The date of written communication ( email ) stating the intent to cancel will be considered as the date for applying the cancellation policy.

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