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May 2017 | Rs. 37,500

4N/5D (Bijrani/Dhikala)


Elephant from Corbett - The Poser

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A dream for any wildlife enthusiast. The treasure of the Kumaon region, the Jim Corbett National Park is one of a kind in India. With a highly diverse habitat and very rich in its wildlife, this place is a must visit for any true nature lover. Dhikala, the grasslands of Corbett is one of the best places to watch and photograph the Indian Elephants when they arrive in huge numbers in summer. Tigers of this place have a character of their own. The entire forest feels so invigorating and full of life, something to be experienced to believe.


A great opportunity to observe, learn about and photograph the Indian Elephants. A very good bird life also gives many opportunities to do some great bird photography. You will understand the nuances of wildlife photography. How best to use the available light to create high impact images. How to posit yourself properly and wait for the right moment rather than go trigger happy. A lot of interactions on the field and off it regarding compositions and post processing will help you to up your photography skills many notches.

Jim Corbett National Park

Treasure of Kumaon

Jim Corbett National Park, spanning over 520.8 is one of the most pristine habitats of the Indian Subcontinent. A pride of India, once the backyard of the legendary Jim Corbett, lying in the famed and beautiful Kumaon region, this national park is marked by an amazing landscape, with many number of streams, rivers and ridges crisscrossing each other.


Corbett is home to more than 550 species of animal life. It is one of the richest in terms of bird life and has been declared as Important Bird Area ( IBA ) by Birdlife International. Tall and beautiful Sal trees make up most of the forest, while the rest is just beautiful grasslands.


As part of the tour we will be visiting Dhikala, the most pristine, picturesque and iconic part of Corbett National Park. There are many things that make Dhikala unique and attractive to nature and wildlife enthusiasts. It is a habitat with water body, grassland and saal trees that reach for the sky, where one can see the foothills of himalayan range in the backdrop. In the summers, the place comes alive with elephants migrating in the grassland of Dhikala. One can witness hundreds of elephants feeding in grass, splashing water, fighting, running, mud bathing, mating or taking care of the newly born juveniles in the magical backdrop of burnt trees and the Himalayan range.


Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious photographer, a natural history lover or someone looking for artistic expressions via photography, someone who enjoys birding or likes to document rare species like yellow throated marten and the grass-bird or just a nature lover who enjoys being in the lap of mother nature, Dhikala is sure to leave you spellbound.

May 1st – 5th 2017 ( 4N/5D)
  • Day 1-2 – May 1st (Mon) – May 2nd (Tue)

    Participants arrive in Ramnagar and head out directly to Bijrani. Our safari starts as soon as we enter the Bijrani gate and we will do morning Safari before checking in to the Rest House. We will finish our lunch and head out for a ride inside the beautiful forest of Corbett. Overnight at Bijrani FRH.

    Next day we will check-out and head to Dhikala. Post our entry procedures at Dhikala gate, we will head inside to the Rest house. Dhikala will be our stay for next three nights.

  • Day 3-5 – May 2nd (Tue) – May 5th (Sun)

    Our safari starts pretty much early in the morning with minimum breakfast and explore the grasslands of Dhikala. We will return to the FRH for lunch.

    With a clear target to try and capture the various wildlife, elusive tigers and much more we embark every day morning looking out for photographic opportunities.

    On May 5th, our last day there, after a morning safari, we come back to our accommodation to finish of the check out formalities. We will have our lunch and head out towards Ramnagar. Our tour ends here and you are ready to head back home, that is until Birdwing brings you back on another amazing journey.





Comfortable & Dull colored clothes


10° to 15°




Bring your own toiletries


A pullover or sweater


ID card that was given while booking the tour.


General medicines


Payment Terms

  • INR 15,000/- advance required for provisional reservation
  • The final cost displayed will be inclusive of payment gateway charges
  • Needed towards securing of forest permit with valid ID proof.
  • Remainder (100% ) within 30 days from the first payment

Cancellation Policy

  • 60% refund if cancelled before 2 months from the date of travel
  • 20% refund if cancelled after 2 months and before 1 month from the date of travel
  • No refund if cancelled within 1 month of the date of travel

Stay Options

  • The stay are all provided in FRH in Bijrani, Dhikala zone (Dhikala/Sarpduli/Gairal)
  • We will try for Room options. If we can’t secure room, the next option will be dormitory at Dhikala.
  • Twin sharing for 3 nights in Dhikala or triple sharing for 3 nights in Dhikala – Room
  • Twin sharing for 1 night in Bijrani

Note: The date of written communication ( email ) stating the intent to cancel will be considered as the date for applying the cancellation policy.
Note: The entry to the forest is based on the stay that we get. The stay options will be either in Dhikala, Sarpduli or Gairal. Stay at Dhikala is not 100% guaranteed and we will issue full refund if we don’t get any permits.

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