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Green vine snake

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A green vine snake was stalking a red-burrowing frog. It was an epitome of patience. Slowing lowering itself on the thin twigs of a plant, the snake crept as close to the frog as possible before making its final strike and made the kill. A rare and amazing natural history moment we were a witness to. Spotting, anticipating and waiting for the right moment is what we are experts at. Many such memories are what awaits anyone visiting the place with us.


A great opportunity to observe, learn about and photograph the wonderful diversity of the life in the undergrowth in one of the most pristine of eco-systems. Understand the nuances of macro photography. Get down and dirty to try out some interesting perspectives. In the process, making some memorable images. A lot of interactions on the field and off it regarding compositions and post processing will help you to up your photography skills many notches.


Life in the undergrowth

Remember Malgudi Days? If you grew up watching Swami and his antics on Doordarshan, then you’ll remember this quaint village at an altitude of 800 metres in the Western Ghats. Today, we know Agumbe for more reasons than Malgudi. With one of the last remaining pristine rainforests of India, Agumbe is perhaps the herpetology capital in this part of the world.


And while Agumbe receives the highest annual rainfall in South India, Birdwing Travel & Photography will take you to this biodiversity hotspot in the peak monsoon. The onset of monsoon does bring about a vibrant change to this place and the entire forest seems to have come to life. Snakes, Frogs, Insects, Spiders and many more are out in great numbers, making it a must visit. The beautiful and diverse fungi add a splash of colour to the already colourful place. Never a dearth of wonderful photography and learning opportunities. In tow with renowned herpetologist Gowri Shankar and caecilians expert Prashant, we’ll find some of the most elusive wildlife of the Western Ghats while you try to soak in his immense knowledge about the habitat.


All in all, it’s a photographer’s delight and we’ll help you make the most of all the opportunities we get. At Agumbe you’ll never have a dull moment!


July 5th – 7th 2019
  • Day 1 – July 5th (Fri)

    We arrive at Agumbe and proceed to our place of stay, the beautiful place called Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology ( KCRE ) , run by the famed herpetologist, Gowrishankar. Lovely arecanut plantation and small streams surround the camp. After breakfast we will attend an orientation session to get to know the place. Following this, we’ll go for a walk around the camp and a session on macro photography, lighting and the various techniques you’ll need to make your images. Once you’ve tucked in your lunch, we’ll go out on another walk around the camp to see what we can find in the forests.

    We will have an image review session before our dinner. After exchanging few tips and tricks of photography aspects. Keep yourself warmed up after dinner! These are peak hours in the rainforest and we’ll embark on our night walk around the camp to observe the nocturnal activities of frogs, snakes and other insects. If you’re lucky, then who knows, we may even find a civet!


  • Day 2 – July 6th (Sat)

    Today we’ll rise nice and early to the sounds of the birds. After breakfast, we’ll walk in and near the campsite itself looking out for butterflies, frogs, and snakes. Once you’re tired, and trust us – you will be tired; we’ll return to the resort for a brief review of your photographs. Post lunch, we will go for a brief stroll to a nearby stream to capture damselflies and other beauties including flying lizards. And in the evening, we’ll visit the highest point in Agumbe – Kundadri to capture the sun setting into the faraway land and some amazing backlit portraits! Once we’re back to the camp and have tucked in our dinner, you know the drill – we’ll go out looking for more macro subjects.

  • Day 3 – July 7th (Sun)

    After breakfast, we will head into the forest looking for beetles, frogs, and snakes and reach the top of a small hillock to get a good view of surrounding forests. If you are interested in making a time lapse, this is the place. After a fruitful session of photography, we’ll slowly descend back to the camp for a coffee break and a session on snakebite protocol and snake photography by the resident herpetologist – Gowri Shankar.

    Post lunch, we will pack up and leave to the sunset point and spend our time there looking for wildlife and capture some breathtaking landscapes while the sun calls it a day. So, after an early dinner we’ll catch the bus back to Bangalore. Bidding adieu to this fabulous place until the next time when Birdwing brings you on yet another memorable journey.





Macro & Wide-angle


Sturdy Tripod


Comfortable & dull coloured clothes


Rain gear


Good shoes for walking


Bring your own toiletries


Personal medication


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