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Tal Chappar

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Tal Chappar

Jan 2017 | Rs. 33,500

2Nights TC/2Nights Bikaner


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Let’s take you to India’s best kept birding secret. A grassland so small that you blink and you miss it when whizzing past it on the highway. And yet, it’s a place that keeps coming up in birding bulletins for rare sightings such as the Lesser Kestrel, White Tailed Eagle, Golden Eagle, Red Phalarope, White Browed Bushchat, Punjab Raven, Spotted Creeper, Hen Harrier, Common Shelduck and the Yellow Eyed Pigeon amongst several others. Yes, ladies and gentlemen; this is India’s finest patch of grassland – Tal Chappar. Home to over 2000 Blackbuck and several Chinkara, there’s far more to this wilderness than meets the eye. If only you know where to look.


There’s rarely a time in Tal Chappar when you don’t have enough to photograph. The 300 species of birds apart, be prepared for surprises from the resident Desert Foxes, Desert Cats, Jungle Cats, and if you’re lucky even the Indian Wolf. Predators apart, little Desert Jirds and Spiny Tailed Lizards can be quite a treat to observe. Sometimes you may even run into monitor lizards. The duelling Blackbuck and ever watchful Chinkara never fall short as photographic subjects either. One may ask, what makes this place so unique? Hold your breath, Spiny-tailed lizards that pop from the burrow is a fav prey of the raptors. See Laggar falcon stooping down to catch them when they are active. The light here keeps changing and you’ll have challenges photographing the subject in different lighting conditions. There is no shortage of action for which you’ll have to be quick and swift in terms of capturing it. By the end of this tour you’ll learn how to shoot birds in flight and actions shots by anticipating the behaviour of the birds.

Tal Chappar, Bikaner and Khichan

The Raptor Central

As a birding habitat, Tal Chappar never disappoints. The grassland ecosystem apart, there are salt pans, water bodies, rocky patches and even some wooded areas to add to the diversity of your bird photography experience. From Demoiselle Cranes to Pied Avocets and from Eurasian Sparrowhawks to Spotted Redshanks, each habitat has its own surprises.


At the end of the day we know this place for its grassland. So, we’ll look out for elusive grassland specialities like the Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse and the stunning Black Francolin whenever we get half a chance. Of course, the regular Wheatears, Pipits and Larks will still be in attendance all through the day. The true treat of this habitat however happens to be the rather dense population of raptors.


Home to a great population of the speedy Laggar Falcon, Tal Chappar also happens to be a great place to find Eagles, Buzzards, Harriers, Vultures, Falcons and Hawks of all shapes and sizes. Nothing should ever be a surprise given the place’s history of throwing up unexpected sightings. The healthy prey population of Desert Jirds and Spiny Tailed Lizards makes Chappar a scene of constant predator and prey action that’ll keep photographers on their toes all the time.

By joining on our photo tour to this grassland heaven to practice and hone your photography skills with an epic diversity of subjects. This is a destination that never disappoints!

What more one can ask, the tour is carefully planned, such that we spend 2N/3D in Tal chappar and head to Bikaner for 2N/3D.

Jan 28th – Feb 1st 2017 ( 4N/5D)
  • Day 1-3 – Jan 28th (Sat) to Jan 30th (Mon)

    We’ll reach Tal Chappar in time for lunch. After a good, local meal and a short siesta we’ll head out on our first safari inside the sanctuary. As we explore the various waterholes in the park premises, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for signs of raptors. At sundown, we should expect scores of harriers to descend at their respective roosting spots. This is an interesting photographic challenge as we grapple with poor light and skittish subjects to try and make interesting images. Post sundown, we’ll go over a session on bird photography over some snacks; followed by an early dinner. We’ll call it a night soon – the next day begins early. Our second and third day will be spent exploring the park and near by areas. We’ll checkout on Day 3 and head to Bikaner. Overnight stay at Bikaner.

  • Day 4 & 5 – Jan 31st (Tue) & Feb 1st (Tue)

    We’ll start early and head to Khichan which is just 3 hour drive from Bikaner. Khichan is a small village in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, where Demoiselle cranes visit the village chugga ghar (bird-feeding ground) in large numbers. By afternoon, we will return back to Bikaner for a quick evening drive near Jorbeed for Raptors. We will head to Jorbeed next day early morning and spend our day at various locations in Jorbeed. We’ll call it a day and head back to the guest house for quick refreshment. We’ll begin our journey back home with a headful of memories and a hard drive full of cards. Until of course, Birdwing brings us together again!



Sunny mornings, cold nights


Telephoto and Wide-angle lenses


Sun Protection


Comfortable & dull coloured clothes


A pullover or sweater


Hat and glasses


Bring your own toiletries


Personal medication


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