Mara -Great migration tour report

Cornucopia symbolizes an ornamental basket with overflowing flowers and fruits. It is a representation of well-being and prosperity. Masai Mara, filled with bountiful species of animals and birds signifies wildlife cornucopia of Mother Earth. The wildlife in the natural habitat attracts travel and photography enthusiasts to observe the abundant beauty like nowhere in the world.

Our photography tour to Masai Mara was proof of the glory of wildlife one can witness in the savannah land. Invaluable sightings of big cats and colourful birds in their habitat displaying their natural behaviours gave us delightful moments to bring back home. Our cameras were more than productive to let us click as many pictures as we could of the wildlife in its untamed form.

Lake Naivasha - Beautiful lake to capture some avian life

Our photography tour began with soaring excitement as we took a boat ride to spot the vivacious birds of Lake Naivasha. We were eager to locate the commoners of the region like Marabou Stork, Sacred Ibis, and Superb Starling. We captured amazing pictures of diving African Fish Eagle and the impressive Super Starling with a unique mix of colours and striking fluorescent eyes.

We indulged in admiration of the distinctive features and appearances of the variety of birds in the Lake. A few hippopotamuses alongside gave us company in the birding. We spent a good time clicking the mighty hippos enjoying themselves in the waters and wondering what these humans were up to.

We proceeded towards our next stop to Lake Nakuru in the bed of the Great Rift Valley. The pristine waters of the lake are surrounded by the scenic beauty of the grasslands. Rains showered as we reached the lake to threaten us of low sightings. Then suddenly the weather cleared off to reveal a backdrop of dead trees and white rhinos and a tower of Rothschild Giraffes emerged to thrill our cameras. We clicked a few pictures of these herbivorous friends and thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

Lake Nakuru - A Different Landscape

Lake Nakuru provided us with great sightings of Long-tailed Widow birds. The length of its feather tail is so long that it appears as if a Japanese hand fan is hovering amidst the lush green grass. The long plumage is an indication that the male Widow bird is ready to attract the females for breeding off-springs. Nature definitely has unique ideas in place to entice the female birds to come in search of the male birds.

The next morning we passed through a group of sleeping white rhinos while we approached the lakebed. The lake was adorned with the flamingos – pink ballet birds carrying out their usual routines. Their flamboyance is a treat to the eyes. We clicked good pictures of them and filled their charisma in our eyes and started to check out of Lake Nakuru. Suddenly, Olive baboons came in front of the safari track and displayed their playfulness and after a brief period of clicking them, we bid adieu and moved from there.

Masai Mara - The Great Migration

Mara is a magical destination for those looking to spot the big cats. We had remarkable Leopard sightings on the first two days and captured poised pictures of them. We had resident Leopardess Baghati near our entrance on the first day and Lorian with her daughter on the second day offering close views of them for great pictures.

The Majestic Lion Pride

Lion pride was the top highlights of our trip. We had fabulous sightings of the Topi pride, Marsh pride and Fig-Tree pride. Topi pride had seven cute cubs which granted us various candid poses to be captured in our cameras. They were seen having a cool time stalking and playing with each other. They had hunted a Zebra the night before and one of the cubs had fun with the tail of the dead Zebra.

Hope you enjoyed our part 1 series of this tour report. We will continue as a second post on the remaining part of the tour.

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