Macro photography Workshop at Agumbe – June 2017

This year, we had announced a unique ‘Certificate program in macro photography’, in association with Tamron and Honeycomb. Agumbe, was the location for the first batch of this program. A place that we love, a pristine rainforest habitat with amazing biodiversity. A place that was just apt for a program of this nature.

The main intent of the program was to introduce people to the genre of macro photography, hone their skills on the various techniques and compositional workflows in the same. Along with photography, we were very particular about letting our participants learn about the natural history aspects of the habitat and the subjects that were being photographed. A holistic learning experience was the crux of this program, opening to them the wonderful world of the life in the undergrowth.

The participants were taken through multiple indoor sessions on then general aspects of macro photography followed by techniques on compositions, perspectives and lighting along with a session on post processing using Lightroom. On the field, were discussions on the appropriate settings for that particular situation, natural history aspects behind the subject and the behaviour it was displaying and better ways to use lighting to improve one’s image. As we walked along the trails in the rainforests, looking for and spotting subjects in the undergrowth was itself a big learning exercise and an enriching experience I am sure.

Here a few of the wonderful images made by our participants. Quite a revealing experience for them as well as for us.

Images below by Anil Atur :

Dancing-frogs-amplexus-agumbe-anil(Micrixalus) Dancing frogs in amplexus

Malabar-pit-viper-agumbe-anilMalabar pit-viper

Robber-fly-agumbe-anilRobber fly with a kill

Images below by Rajiv Basu :

Rajiv Basu_greenvine_snake_agumbeGreen Vine Snake

Rajiv Basu_the_eye_frog_agumbeThe eye of a frog

Rajiv Basu_Fungi_AgumbeFungi – Simple and minimalistic

Images below by Karthik P Hariharan :


Karthik-Agumbe-checkered-keelback-on-the-huntOn the hunt – Checkered Keelback

Karthik_Agumbe-mayflyMay fly – amazing colours

And here’s the group


We had a great time interacting with a wonderful and receptive group of participants. And am sure that they too had a great time alongside a lot of learning. The efforts they put forth were well rewarded with some great memories, images that they were happy to take back along with some goodies.

Second batch is happening in Amboli in July 14-16. Can’t wait to meet the participants.

We intend to make this program an annual affair. If you are interested in being part of this, do drop in a mail to ( Mark the subject as ‘Certificate program in macro photography’ ). We shall keep you posted.

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