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Heading out into the wild on a safari is an exhilarating experience, to say the least. The thrill of zipping through open grasslands, the sight of herds grazing up and close, and the silence of the wait to spot one of the big cats, all make for amazing moments. Few things in life can truly sum up the meaning of being alive as an animal safari can.

Masai Mara is famed for being the location of the great African Migration. One of the world’s most authentic wildlife experiences, the great migration sees millions of antelope, zebras, and wildebeest travel great distances across the African Savannah in Kenya. To make this journey, the animals must brave the forces of nature and predators, including crocodiles and lions. It is a raw game of survival and the cycle of life enacted live before your eyes.

This year, Birdwing takes you on an adventure to behold the grand Mara migration. Come and witness a spectacle like never before as the circle of life unfolds before your eyes. Nature can truly be seen at one of her finest moments in the great migration tour to Kenya.

Staying close to the heart of the action is a key aspect of any wildlife safari tour. Which is why we accommodate you at luxury camps near Ol Kiombo airstrip, nestled snuggling within the Masai Mara National Reserve. Now, you need not waste precious daylight travelling to and fro during safaris. You live the moment; You live the action!

The luxurious camps at Masai Mara are run by hosts with a longstanding background in hospitality. Experts in their area of business, they offer a warm and homely welcome to guests and bring along their in-depth knowledge of the rich wildlife heritage of the African continent.


If peace and serenity is what you seek, you will not be disappointed. The well-equipped and comfortable tents offer tranquillity in nature. The maximum stay capacity extends to 15 guests at a time, so you can rest assured you are truly getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

As an added bonus, the location of the stay is very close to major points of interest within the Masai Mara National Reserve. These include the Double Cross area, Paradise plains, and the river crossing point. The merging of the Mara reserve with the Serengeti across the vastness of the wilderness truly make for a brilliant set up. Truly a photographer’s delight.


Take in the colours of the African savannah sunrise in all its shades of pink, orange, and red. The landscape stays silhouetted against the rising sun only to reveal itself in a flood of colour as the day grows. Indeed, waking up early has never been more exciting.

The location of stay is also in close proximity to the home of the Marsh Pride of lions: a family of lions who are now world famous thanks to their featuring in BBC TV productions such as Big Cat Diary and Big Cat Live. Yes, these cats are not just big, they are big celebrities!

Every trip to a new country is an opportunity to indulge your taste buds. Our tour to Masai Mara is no less than a food connoisseur’s delight. The camp chef is an expert in Indian, Continental, and European cuisines. In fact, you can even enjoy a plate of piping hot kitchdi/Kichadi all these miles away from home!

While on tour, we dine with a view. We set off on the safari early morning so as not to miss any of the action. We carry along a packed breakfast and eat in the bush while taking in the relaxing sights and colours of an early morning in the African wilderness. Back at camp, lunch is served by the riverside that overlooks a view of grazing hippos and zebras. You will even spot the occasional giraffe grazing its favourite acacia leaves.


We do not waste even a minute of light. We head back only after sunset, when our cameras have captured images to our hearts’ content. This ease of access is owed to the proximity of our camps to the main reserve area.

A night in the camps in Mara holds a thrill of its own. We dine under a star-spangled sky as we listen to stories from the natives, exchange tales of our own, and share wonderful images shot of the day gone by. Friendships are forged and memories made to be cherished for years to come. Finally, as you fall deep into sleep, let nature sing you the ultimate lullaby. Hear the sound of hyenas, leopards, lions, zebras, and a host of birds of East Africa as they all create a truly wild symphony.

Birdwing conducts photography tour with such experience during migration and also during November and January every year.

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