Kaziranga – On an Elephant Safari

The beautiful and the blissful grasslands of Kaziranga, in Assam, can have an invigorating effect on anyone. A safari on an elephant’s back, is one of the best ways to breathe in the magic of this place.


A great way to get up close to the animals that inhabit these grasslands. Safaris in the wee hours of the morning are embellished by the wonderful mist that covers the grasslands, adding to the beauty of the place. Though, sitting in tight quarters on an elephant’s back and holding on, as the elephant ambles along, are challenging, the rewards however, far outweigh the efforts.


Getting a view of the Rhinos and the Wild Buffaloes, as they go about their morning, grazing rituals, from within their own dominion, is something that has to be experienced. Many birds, like the majestic Pallas Fish Eagle, might cross your path, perched nicely, not very keen on taking off, with the wind still being quite chill. Lucky ones might come across the elusive big cat too 🙂


Capturing the animals’ behaviour from the grassland’s perspective, is very different and more satisfying than doing so from the jeep tracks.



Also a great opportunity for making images of the Rhinos and others against the rising sun.


Never miss the elephant safari, while at Kaziranga. It is a must to get a genuine feel of the habitat and its denizens.

We at Birdwing will be going there in March 2017. If interested, do write to us at register@birdwing.in

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