Covid-19 Travel Protocol

Covid-19 has had a significant impact and altered the way we lead our everyday lives. Staying safe is of utmost importance. And, even more so when we are traveling. 
At Birdwing, we have put together a few guidelines to help us stay safe during the tours. We have made a few changed to our tour format as well to ensure lesser direct interactions.

What changes

Smaller Group Size: As usual we will continue to host only small groups. 4 to 6 participants (excluding mentor, guide/driver)

Online Interactions: We will increase our online interactions pre and post tour. 1-0-1 review sessions will happen at the venue as usual.

Single Occupancy:

All rooms and tents would be on single occupancy basis by default. If you sign up for the tour with a companion, we will offer you double occupancy (at a discounted charge).


Before the tour
  • Pre-trip briefing by Birdwing mentor about COVID-19 travel safety and hygiene precautions during the trip
  • We’ll also update you about any additional guidelines set by the hotel and the local/state governments.
  • Make sure you have your hygiene kits with mask, sanitizer and handwash for daily use throughout the course of the tour
  • Your luggage might be sanitized when you are checking into the resort/hotel/place of stay. It is recommended that you carry hard luggage, if possible.
  • Recommended to have travel insurance for the tour
  • Depending on the destination and the area that you’re traveling from, you may be required to carry a Covid-19 negative certificate (not more than 72 hours old). We’ll advise you on this a week before the tour.
  • Please maintain vigilance during the week preceding the tour. Please follow social distancing and hygiene protocols strictly to stay safe.
  • It is recommended to install the Aarogya Setu app on your phone.
  • You’ll need to fill up an online questionnaire the day before you leave for the tour. This questionnaire will have basic questions about your past travel, if you’ve been infected with Covid-19 and contact with Covid-19 patients, if any.
On your travel to destination
  • Please follow social distancing and hygiene protocols during the travel (by air, train or road) to the tour starting point.
  • Travel, especially by air, has changed dramatically over the past few months (longer queues, online checkin, etc.) with a whole lot of procedures and protocols in place. Please ensure that you are up to date with your aircraft carrier’s latest policies.
  • At the start of the tour, we’ll have a briefing about protocols to be followed during the tour.
  • Each participant must wear a breathable mask when in a group, without exception, and wash/sanitize hands frequently.
  • On nature walks, please ensure that you maintain 6 feet distance from the next person.
  • Vehicles used for local travel will be sanitized every single day and the drivers follow the same safety standards as guests.
  • Please maintain distance from the other participants and with the hotel/vehicle staff as much as possible.
  • If someone exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, that person will be immediately isolated from the group and plans will be made to get him/her medical attention, testing and quarantine. This could result in the termination of the workshop, solely at our discretion.

The new normal is here and it is important that we adhere to all of the above points to stay safe and enjoy the photography tour. If you have any questions about the above points or any suggestions on making our tours safer, please contact us.
We look forward to meeting you on a Birdwing Photography Tour soon!

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