Bhadra – April 2019 – Tour report

The greatest photography sessions are associated with the greatest sightings. The Bhadra Tiger Reserve gave us the best moments with wild animals and an array of colourful birds in their natural habitat. Bhadra Tiger Reserve is known for its thriving tiger population and a variety of migratory birds.

Here’s a report of our recent photography tour to the place. Read on to know more about the wonderful sightings we had and some amazing images made by our participants.

Our photographic expedition took off sighting river terns on the boat safari. The shutter sounds surrounded us capturing different movements of the river terns. The birds were a pleasure to watch in their playful moods. The unique pattern of the yellow beak, black head, white neck, and grey body is a delight to the eyes.

River terns provided several candid poses for us to take home. They were seen gliding through the waters catching fish, mating with their partners, sharing the meals with their flocks and squabbling over a dispute which we could not understand. Thanks to their cooperation, we clicked amazing photos of the river terns!

We were further pleased when we spotted a few more bird species to give our cameras much-needed contentment. We saw White-bellied sea eagle, Grey-headed fish eagle, Osprey, Ashy wood swallows, and Malabar pied hornbills among many other birds. We caught the myriad colours, behaviours, and expressions of our Bhadra birds in our photographs.

Our fingers were crossed to get a glimpse of the big cats during our jeep safari. We hoped to closely watch their splendid demeanour. The specialty of photography is bringing the essence of nature in its truest form. Mr. Leopard allowed us to spend good quality time with him. He became the highlight of our tour displaying his fearless gait and poise. Nevertheless, we had gathered incredible pictures of the leopard.

We carried out productive discussions on photography and sessions on picture processing. We collectively learned the techniques to achieve flawless images from our clicks. The positive response we received from the participants for our photography workshop at Bhadra made our adventure a true success.

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