Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Tip

How To Crop An Image With Adobe Lightroom.

Here is a short video on how to crop an image effectively using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. It’s also faster way to crop with keyboard shortcuts. We all use Crop tool and probably there is a faster and efficient way to use this tool. Watch our video to learn about it.

Crop Overlay

There are multiple crop overlay options provided by Adobe Lightroom. It will allow you to re-compose your image in post-production. There will be situation where you won’t have time to properly compose the image. If you have space around the subject for you to crop the image you can use this overlay options to select the one that aesthetically appealing. 

Extra Tip

If you can’t see the overlay. Go to Tools-> Tool Overlay -> Always show.

Choose tool overlay

How to choose the overlay that you want?

You Can Choose What Overlay You Need To See When You Are Cycling Through By Pressing ‘O’.  Go to Tools-> Crop Guide Overlay -> Choose Overlays To Cycle

Tool Overlay show

Let us know what you want us to cover in next video, we will do it for you 🙂

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